What’s up friends?? I have missed chatting with you all about stuff, but a boy’s gotta work. And by work, I mean making music for me and people I like. The topic at hand though is….. Documentaries. Do you like them? I do. I watch them all the time. I also like them when they are music docs. Well, it just so happens that a couple of chaps named Peter and Shane followed me around and filmed my every move and decided they wanted to make a documentary film. At first, I was skeptical because well… It’s narcissistic as shit, but they tricked me into thinking it was gonna just be a piece on me and the Widows making our last record The Spade. Turns out they just kept on shooting after that… For a year. They somehow convinced me to let them put it out, so here goes nothing…. 

Out Of Focus out now - download on iTunes or buy the DVD.